Client Reviews

Grace Duda
"Sunny is the best cat sitter around. She is dependable and it's clear she loves all animals. She always takes such good care of our cat/daughter Roxy when we're gone. I've used other pet sitters in the past and when we would get home from vacation Roxy would be clearly upset and stressed. But with Sunny, Roxy is totally happy and doesn't seem to notice we were even gone. I recommend For Pet's Sake!" ~Grace Duda (Roxy's owner)
"Puppy dog or kitty cat pet care needed? Sunny's got you covered. But, what's a pet owner to do when your pet "babies" are more like barnyard animals and not necessarily cuddly? Well, I can tell you first hand, Sunny has you covered there too! What a relief it was to find someone willing and capable of taking care of the not so typical pets like ducks and rabbits. She's taken care of my backyard babies twice now. Once when we were on a short trip and recently while we were on an extended trip. Her follow-up is so reassuring and I came home to happy, well taken care of pets. I encourage you to give her your business for whatever kind of pets you own and love." ~Sherry
"I think I hear Sunny from For Pet's Sake (FPS) coming to get me for my daily afternoon walk. I had better get my leash! I love her and her peeps! My mom sayz it is great that she doesn't have to worry about me getting a walk while she is at work cause she can count on FPS to be on time and available when she needs them!"